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Working process of our Multi vendor Ecommerce App


Multi vendor Ecommerce App

The Mobicommerce team has been providing eCommerce development service and solutions to brands and businesses for more than 15 years. With a relentless focus on quality, security, and customer service, Mobicommerce leverages its deep experience and knowledge to support clients in a wide variety of industries operating in both the B2C and B2B channels, including retailers, delivery companies, pharmacies, groceries, online marketplaces, services providers and more.

Important Features of Multi vendor Ecommerce App

Customer Order Management

Streamline your orders right from order placement to dispatch to delivery.

User Management

Organize your users (buyers, sellers & affiliates) and manage seller approval in simple and easy steps.

Database Backup

Secure your website and your records from sudden and unexpected server issues.

Multi-Currency Functionality

Go global and touch as many countries as you want with the one-click currency changing feature of Yo!Kart.

Multivendor eCommerce

Multivendor marketplaces enjoy more stock and higher number of happy customers.

Discount Coupon Management

Admins can create custom discount coupons depending on their own scope of discounts.


A complete content management system to keep your audience hooked to your website through regularly updated visual content and blogs, vlogs, etc.

ShipStation Integration

Manage all your shipping processes and tasks with the amazing ShipStation API.

Revenue Factor


Charging a commission for each product/transaction is one of the popular business models for the marketplaces. When a customer pays the seller for the product, the marketplace facilitates the payment and charges a percentage or a fixed amount.

The benefit that this business model provides is that the sellers are not charged until they start earning from the marketplace and is definitely attractive to the sellers. What actually happens is that for example, if there is a product P1 that has a set commission of 30% then the marketplace will receive the commission of 30% of the product price and the seller will receive the rest i.e 70%.

Membership / Subscription

A Membership/Subscription model is one where either some or all of the marketplace’s users are charged with a recurring fee to access the marketplace. These Marketplaces help the sellers in finding new customers. For the customers, it helps them find low costs or find new experiences. You can check the Opencart Marketplace Membership module.

Memberships are usually applicable to digital and downloadable product types and some of the marketplaces utilizing this type of membership schema are – Amazon Prime Videos, Netflix, Itunes, Shutterstock, Audiojungle, LinkedIn etc.

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